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Knowledge and equipment

Here we tell a story of when plumbing has not gone is it should have. Just last month in Bristol a plumber was needed to check the pipes in an old home. Luckily the home owner had called as soon as they spotted a damp Patch on the wall. This meant that we were able to use our knowledge and equipment to survey the pipes and find the minute hole which was causing a leak. Fortunately for the home owner, they avoided big issues.

Bathroom pipes

Just a week before, plumber was called to a flat where the ceiling had fallen into the lounge and cause damage to all the furniture, electronics and valuables that were in the room . This included the television, the toaster, the washing machine and a games console. All of this damage could have been avoided if the pipes had been checked regularly. The leak came from a flat upstairs so had nothing to do with the occupants over the flat in question. However, they had seen a small damp Patch on the ceiling and didn’t think it would be an issue as the flat itself had only been built a year before.

All of the damage to electronics and valuables as well as to the building itself could have been avoided if proper precaution was taken. A plumber can fix small problems which would have turned into much larger ones for a fraction of the price of dealing with these problems after they had occurred. We tell this story to warn others are the problems that plumbing can protect against. Plumber can fix any issue no matter how small or big. However when it comes to plumbing, there is no job too small as shown here, small jobs can protect against big problems.